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Aplia Assignments

In an Aplia Assignment, can I allow a student go back in to answer just one question, if they have already submitted all 3 attempts, but just missed one question?


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Thank you, Matthew! Great answer and so helpful!
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Re: Aplia Assignments

Wow @Matthew_Anneken!  I learned so much about Aplia from you!  Although I don't use Aplia, I was going to answer this from a SAM perspective, and the information you have outlined for @Debra_Campbell is so complete and very similar to other test environments.  My students ask me this all the time as well; "I only missed one question, why can't I just take that one again?".  BECAUSE we offer practice tests and trainings, along with reports with remediation and multiple attempts,  students should be well prepared to complete an exam successfully.  This is their chance to prove what they know (and what they have retained).


Granted, we do have periodic hiccups, "crashes" or faulty questions/tasks, and those can be tossed, grades can be curved, exams can be reset....  Hope this helps!  Enjoy your Saturday..:).  Sandy Keeter