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Aplia Assignments

In an Aplia Assignment, can I allow a student go back in to answer just one question, if they have already submitted all 3 attempts, but just missed one question?


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Thank you, Matthew! Great answer and so helpful!
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Re: Aplia Assignments

In short, no. 

*disclaimer: my experience is with Aplia assignments within MindTap.  Standalone Aplia could be different.


Once students click the "grade it now" button, they are unable to change their answers. Once their 3 attempts are used in a question set, they do not get any more attempts. Once they click, "I'm done, grade it now" for grade upon submission option or it passed the due date on grade at due date option, students are no longer able to access the assignment to complete additional work.  As an instructor, you have no control to reset any questions either while in progress or after submission.  Only control is to delete the entire submission after submission. 


Here are your current options...

  • You are able to delete their submit submission, however they would be required to complete all the question sets again.
  • You have the ability to manually overwrite grades.  If you note their score, delete their submission, have them retake just the missed question and submit, you can review their submission, manually calculate the grade (easiest with "keep highest" scoring option) and manually enter their new score.
  • You can copy the assignment and set both in a Category within the MindTap Progress App Setting tab where the lowest score is dropped.  This would essentially give them 6 attempts per set total but they would need to complete at least one question from all the sets.  Keep in mind the duplication of questions on the copied assignment so students will see the same. (again, easiest with "keep highest" scoring option)
  • You can copy the assignment, remove all unneeded question sets, retain only the one that needs to be retaken and offer as a practice assignment.  This will allow to answer just that question set, for you to see the score of that practice submission, but you would still have to manually calculate the new score and manually edit the "Graded" version's score in the gradebook.

A few other strategies I've worked on with instructors for Aplia are...

  • Duplicating the Aplia assignments, setting them as practice, and making them available via availability date set for after the graded version is due.  Other availability times we based to have the practice version open on were before mid term and/or finals.  The goal was to allow students workable versions for additional practice/study aid.
  • We've also broken the assignment down to smaller parts.  For example, if a set has 9 questions, you can duplicate the assignment twice and keep the first 3 questions and remove 4-9, naming it ".... Part 1".  Then take the 1st duplicate and remove question sets 1-3 and 7-9, naming it ".... Part 2".  Finally, edit the 2nd duplicate and remove question sets 1-6, naming it "... Part 3".  
    • While this does produce more grade book columns, it does allow you to pinpoint performance over a certain set of questions. and the
    • This would also facilitate very first option of deleting the assignment submission to allow the student to retake the assignment...without have to complete all of the questions that would be required in the original combined version of the assignment.  To combine your scenario with my example, they would only need to complete 2 question sets in addition to the one originally needed to retake as opposed to having to complete all 9 to submit the one the wanted to retake.

Hope this helps.