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Any idea how to make a physics test online ?

I want to make an online physics test for my students . Any ideas how to make it hard for students to copy?      

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Re: Any idea how to make a physics test online ?

It is extremely difficult to conduct a test/exam online that is not proctored (is that what you had in mind?). Some of the risks can be minimized by creating a test bank of questions, and have the test for each person pull questions randomly. This ensures that different students get different questions and they are also not in the same order. Also, if the test bank is large and varied enough, this typically provides a good way to conduct online exams. However, students find new and different ways of copying and cheating, so this cannot be a long-term solution.


I personally am completely against administering remote/online exams without any proctoring. The main concern I have is who takes the exam? Is it the student or somebody else? I have had this issue with an on-campus exams also, if you can believe it. If you definitely want to do this, I would suggest utilizing a remote proctoring service like ProctorU. I have had good experience with them.