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Answers after an Exam

Hi Guys,


I wanted to get some feedback from faculty at other schools using MindTap. Do you allow students to see the correct answers to questions they missed on a chapter quiz for example right after they take the quiz or a certain date after? This is a debate that we are having in my department. So if you let them see the correct answers right after or even a few days after, are you not setting yourself up for more instances of cheating or possibly students saving the answers to give to other students in future classes. But on the other hand isn't finding out what you did wrong part of the whole self-learning process and especially important in a purely online learning environment. Thoughts?

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Re: Answers after an Exam

After reading these replies and re-considering what I do in a sophomore-level online class I teach, I decided to change the view in one of my sections after students took a major exam. I closed the exam, kept the questions/answers hidden after completion, and told the students the following week they could email me to discuss their performance. I wanted to test whether or not the students would go through the effort to contact me and truly learn about their mistakes on the exam. In a class of 25 . . . no one did. That's not to say students don't care; perhaps they saw their grades and understood their mistakes. But keeping this exam totally private and not revealing answers made no difference to them. 


They still, however, had written feedback from me in the form of discussion forum replies/responses, typed comments in the gradebook, and a weekly video I made . . . 


I think I'll try this again for our upcoming exam (this week!) and see if any students reply.