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Answers after an Exam

Hi Guys,


I wanted to get some feedback from faculty at other schools using MindTap. Do you allow students to see the correct answers to questions they missed on a chapter quiz for example right after they take the quiz or a certain date after? This is a debate that we are having in my department. So if you let them see the correct answers right after or even a few days after, are you not setting yourself up for more instances of cheating or possibly students saving the answers to give to other students in future classes. But on the other hand isn't finding out what you did wrong part of the whole self-learning process and especially important in a purely online learning environment. Thoughts?

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Re: Answers after an Exam

I give students immediate access to the answers for homework assignments like Aplia and any other quiz that I'm using to prepare them for exams.  They can review exams as soon as the due date has passed.  I want them to be able to see their mistakes, and occasionally someone finds an error in a question that I need to fix.


On multiple choice assignments, we use question pools, so students aren't taking the same test.  Over time, however, those questions can get out and be shared with other students.  That said, we've been able to find pretty much every testbank question on the online sites designed to help students cheat on exams.  That's an entirely different discussion, though!