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Am I able to create an exam using CengageNOWv2 for my students to access in our computer lab on-campus and it will work with LockDown Browser?


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Re: Am I able to create an exam using CengageNOWv2 for my...

I would think so @ljhanlon, but I have not tried with CengageNow.  I found this info below on the LockDownBrowser site and you might be able to confirm with Cengage Support.  Let us know how it goes!


At start-up, LockDown Browser will automatically go to the login page for the institution’s learning management system. Students simply log in and navigate to the exam, just as they would in a regular browser.

If a student tries to access the exam using a standard browser, they will see a message indicating that they must instead use LockDown Browser.


Some learning systems require that students first open a standard browser, log in to the course, locate the exam, and then launch LockDown Browser. Students can then start the test.  If a button like the one below displays when accessing a test in a standard browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), then LockDown Browser can be launched from there. (Note: learning systems use different labels for this button: Launch LockDown Browser, Launch Quiz, View Assessment, etc.)