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March 2019 MindTap Newsletter: Fostering Engagement and Success Midterm








mt-newsletter-mar19-mobile-app-707424.jpgA Tip for Improving Midterm Scores

Midterms are here. Help students reach higher scores with 24/7 access to study tools. With the Cengage Mobile App, students have flashcards and practice quizzes in their pocket. Learn more about these student-friendly tools.






mt-newsletter-mar19-assessments-707424.jpgThe Right Assessments for the Right Students

Which assessment types should you use when, and for whom? MindTap power user Jenny Billings demonstrates how MindTap identifies student needs and perks up performance come exam time. Watch this 30-minute session on your lunch break today






mt-newsletter-mar19-mt-google-slides-707424.jpgMindTap and Google Slides Make a Great Couple

MindTap provides the perfect opportunity for customization, including the option to add videos and web links. For custom inspirations, check out the MindTap User Group in the Community. Start with this article demonstrating how to insert a Google Slides Presentation





mt-newsletter-mar19-training-707424.jpgTraining for All This and More

Whether you’re interested in polling with the Cengage Mobile App, utilizing MindTap analytics or customizing your course, there are training resources to help you. Dig in to your MindTap Training Resources.