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April 2019 MindTap Newsletter: Keep Class Active This Spring

mt-newsletter-mar19-tech-icons-707424 (1).jpgYour One-of-a-Kind MindTap Course

MindTap enables you to build a unique course that attracts student attention. Add a link to provide instant access to a favorite forum or insert a relevant video at the perfect point in a reading activity. See how to add activities in MindTap





mt-newsletter-apr19-zombie-sleepwalker-707424.jpgAwakening the “Zombies”

Are your students suffering from a late-term energy slump? Reinvest them in your course with some active learning. The ever-helpful Shawn Orr has tons of active activity ideas to share. Take 30 minutes to watch and wake up your class.





mt-newsletter-apr19-hands-raised-707424.jpgShow of Hands—Who Wants More Participation?

Did you know the Cengage Mobile App offers a free tool to increase engagement? Make class more dynamic with an instant in-class poll. Get opinions, gauge understanding mid-term and keep things interesting. Insert interaction with the Cengage Mobile App





mt-newsletter-apr19-student-engagement-super-hero-707424.jpgYour Super Power is Student Engagement

Let Captain Marvel help engage your students in course material. Find ideas to connect its themes to different disciplines and see how students can better inform their opinions on these topics with access to a library of ebooks. Check it out in the Community.