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Using Twitter to Teach
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As was the case in my last post, Twitter can help inspire lectures, activities, and assignments for my Introduction to American Politics class. Many online are generous with sharing their ideas and materials, like last spring when I asked for a state of the union watching activity, and Christen Rexing, shared her super worksheet with me.


Below is a list of a few folks and outlets to follow for ideas for teaching and stay up to date on American politics.


  • Julia Azari, Associate Professor at Marquette, who writes for Mischiefs of Faction, 538, and other outlets. Check out her recent piece in the LA Times on primary debates. Julia is also highlighting junior scholar's public pieces at Monkey Cage and other outlets with the hashtag #PublicPoliSci
  • Jenn Jackson, Assistant Professor at Syracuse who writes for Teen Vogue. I use her piece on the gruesome history of lynching and how it affects the present in my Intro class last semester.
  • Julie Novkov, Professor at University of Albany, SUNY who writes for A House Divided. Her piece on Constitutional Change sparked a great discussion in my class last spring.
  • Kelly Dittmar, Assistant Research Professor with the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University-Camden organizes the hashtag #GenderLens2020 where other political scientists like Anna Sampaio, Wendy Smooth, and Erin Cassese live tweet the debates.
  • Meredith Conroy, Associate Professor at Cal State University – San Bernadino, who writes for 538 pieces like this one the dearth of Republican women in Congress, also on my Intro syllabus. You can find her and Julia often in 538’s live chats.

Beyond following folks on Twitter, you can also engage students on Twitter. Jennie Sweet-Cushman, Assistant Professor at Chatham University, has a great article on how to use Twitter as a curriculum tool in your Political Science classes.


How do you use Twitter in your classroom?