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Remind Students to Check Their Ride

Students are becoming more and more comfortable ordering rides over their cellphones from services like Uber and Lyft. Sadly, sometimes those rides can be dangerous - especially if they get into the wrong car.


Once a ride is ordered, the ride-sharing apps display the driver's name, an image of the driver, the driver's license, and make and model of the car. However, people get distracted and the worst can happen and did happen to 21-year-old college student Samantha Josephson.


Uber announced a feature called "Beacon" more than two years ago that was designed to attach to windshields and change colors so the rider knows which car is picking them up, it has only been released in a limited number of markets... Uber will launch new efforts...(Business Insider)


North Carolina lawmakers are going to finally require a lighted sign for Uber and Lyft drivers:


Please remind your students to be careful. Here are some further suggestions from Uber's "Check Your Ride" site.



It is scary. 

This is not the only alarming situation. There have been kidnappings, rapes, assaults, robberies, etc. I think people forget that everyone cannot afford a car. Although I am faculty member, I have yet to be able to afford a car. So I have to walk, Uber, bus, metro, and/or taxi to get to certain places. Some campus are only accessible by car. I don’t mind if students come to my classes late as long as they are disruptive because I know the struggle to commuting to campus. It is really scary but I do my best to encourage my students to keep their phone charged and be diligent wherever they go because I have to this for myself.


Parking fees on campus can also encourage the use of ride share cars.  Many students are also using the motorized scooters to get around campus.  When they are finished, they can just leave them outside the building door.


We discuss this often in our classes and with out adult children; be smart, be safe!


Yup! I've been amazed to see how utterly commonplace it is for a students to "order" an uber and a minute later it's there waiting for them.

It definitely IS incredibly convenient; and other factors like parking fees factor in too. But I agree with other comments that it's flat out scary.... getting into a car with a stranger??!!   As a parent that terrifies me.

I've used Lyft many times, but I always get a photo of the car and of the driver before they arrive, and I wait for them to identify themselves and me before I accept the ride. I was talking about safety and ride-sharing just over the weekend with my niece. It's always good to keep reminding this younger generation of the precautions they need to take.
Valued Contributor

This is extremely important and I will definitely share with students. Safety comes first!

Frequent Commenter

I am very hesitant to use these services, especially at night. I will definitely remind my students and anyone else I know (colleagues, nieces, nephews, etc.). Thank you for the warning and reminders to be careful!