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Political Compromise: Why So Difficult?

When it comes to politics, everyone says they're in favor of compromise. Turns out that this is true as long as those in the opposite party to yours are the ones doing the compromising. Key quote from an article from the PEW research center:


"Republicans and Democrats both like the idea of compromise in principle and place great importance on the opposing party making compromises with members of their party. But much smaller shares say it’s very important for politicians in their own party to compromise."


Have you found yourself wishing that "the other side" in today's politics would compromise more and that your own side would compromise less? If so, you're not alone.


Discussion Question:


  • Our political system has separated institutions sharing power in order to encourage compromise. Arriving at compromise sometimes involves tolerating viewpoints that one finds objectionable. When, if ever, should politicians avoid compromising with the other side? 


Source: Partisans say respect and compromise are important in politics – particularly from their opponents