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Impeachment Happening Now

Impeachment is coming to your classroom discussions.  While Congress is exploring the possibility of impeachment, our students are struggling with the process.  Is the inquiry impeachment?  What are impeachable offenses?  The headlines include catchy phrases like “President turns tables on Biden amid impeachment push; claims Dems threatened Ukraine” Fox News, “Trump claims he put 'no pressure' on Zelensky despite White House transcript” CNN and “The Trump Impeachment Inquiry Has Started. What It Means for the Stock Market” Barrons.  However, they lack substance.  Helping students understand the process, historical context, and implications is no small task.  Being ready to discuss in class tomorrow seems impossible. 


As faculty we need to be prepared to answer questions factually and to facilitate quality discussions.  There are several good resources that we can use to help us prepare for the onslaught of questions:




  • The US Senate provides the CRS Report entitled An Overview of the Impeachment Process This six page handout outlines impeachment proceedings citing the constitution.  Each of these can be used as student handouts or embedded in your learning management systems.  They provide the process and historical context students need.  For a brief overview of the process and to add multimedia to your classroom, check out the Washington Post video below.



Link to video


How to add video to your MindTap course


As we begin this discussion with our students let’s help each other out.  Join the conversation and tell us:

  • What resources will you use?
  • Do you have impeachment primary source documents?
  • Will you have students read the phone conversation memorial or notes?
  • Will you have students chart or timeline events?
  • Will you conduct a mock impeachment trial?
  • How will you encourage students to keep up with current events?