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Cyber Attack Trackers

A glimpse at this week’s news include: Russian hacking, Chinese spies stealing NSA hacking tools, and the registers at Target shutting down for two long hours on Saturday.  Cyber-attacks are common place, have been in the nightly news for years and our email for even longer.  It’s now a right of passage for young students to get their first emails from rich uncles in foreign countries.  Today they are quick to warn their grandparents about scams that target and spoof their cell phone numbers and email accounts.  Students understand that hacking is a problem, but they often have trouble understanding the global connections or the volume of attacks. 


Watching these attacks in real time is fascinating and there are a variety of websites and views to choose from.    They have a variety of data sets, interchangeable views and graphics that are mesmerizing. While many of these are produced by security companies to sell their products the visual images are thought provoking and great discussion starters for class.  Many offer free trial periods that allow for data set downloads.  They highlight the origin and destinations of attacks.  The first comment I heard was “Who are we (USA) attacking, and why Guatemala?” Suddenly the conversation was different when cyber attacks were originating in the United States.


Check out these links for great conversation starters.


Kaspersky Lab – Real Time Threat Map – this site has a globe that you can rotate showing the threats as they occur. This site looks like something from a movie and quickly changes views.


Kapersky Lab 2.png


The Botnet from deteque – is a blot map that pulses with both attacks and counter measures.


botinet 2.png


The Live Cyber Attack Threat Map powered by Threatcloud has a flat map with moving lines indicating attacks along with an attack counter and country tracker.


threat cloud 2.png


Fortinet –illustrates the attacks in pulses much like a video game.


fortinet 2.png


Check out these maps and let us know how you would use them in class below.


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