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A Case of Changing Social Norms?

Former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden has taken some criticism lately for his "overly familiar" methods of physical contact. In an attempt to confront this, Biden recorded a brief video in which he explains that he's always been this way and means nothing by it.  What do your students think of his response?


If you show the video below in class, some students might be reluctant to give their opinion so here's a suggestion: use a tool like Vsynchronize to get your students to chat about the video anonymously as it plays in front of class. This tool was recently recommended by the folks at Practical Ed Tech. Here's the Biden video and below is a brief video showing how to put this video into Vsynchronize and share the link with your students to get the conversation going.




Questions you might ask your students:

  1. Do you think Biden's behavior constitutes sexual harassment?
  2. Do you think he should not run for president because of this behavior?

Brief video on how to use the Biden video within the Vsynchonize video chat tool:



Note: Vsynchronize is recommended tool, but it is not affiliated with Cengage.

Frequent Commenter

I also use Turning Technologies' poll everywhere which is a brand of clickers.  It can be a totally anonymous response and then the whole class can look at the results.  The Practical Ed Tech website, that is linked above, also has a lot of great ideas and resources.

Frequent Commenter

Great post! Could create a great discussion thread!


Not gonna lie; I love Joe..Smiley Happy. Great way to incorporate current events and use of polling in class!


I have used anonymous polling tools (like iClickers but integrated with Moodle) and these work great. Would love to try this new technology as well.