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Why We Spread Fake News - and what to do about it.




We're all aware of the problem of fake news, but why do we fall for it? When we read a post on Facebook that sounds a little questionable, why don't we check into it further?


In this episode of the podcast The Psych Files,  Dr. Gleb Tsipursky of Ohio State university applies theories from Daniel Kahenmann ("Thinking Fast and Slow") as well examines the "backfire effect" - when people who are presented with facts can reject them and actually become more convinced of their original stance.

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This just popped up on CNN and it's a great piece with all the new design elements students love..  Check it out.




Wow.  That is a powerful story on CNN. I thought fake news creators were just individuals here and there doing it mostly for fun.  Had no idea that people were literally making millions doing this, and that they are so organized in their efforts. Amazing and Scary.