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Would you use SnapChat in your classroom?


While social media may distract your students from your lectures, what if you could harness the power of the apps for your benefit? Check out this article from NPR about using SnapChat to teach your students real world concepts. 


Do you think 10 second Snaps would be effective in showing your students accounting in the real world? Are there other social media platforms you use to reach your students outside of the classroom? 

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I actually love this idea. I already use twitter and occasionally facebook. I completely agree with the sentiment of "if you can't beat em, join em." I use cell phones constantly in my class so that my students will use them for something productive. 


Maybe I'll try this... 

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I love all forms of technology and use them but snapchat worries me because in most cases it deletes itself.  I see students complaining that they missed a  golden nugget by hitting play and then not watching it or being able to replay it.  And I'd have accessiblity concerns.


So I would have to think long and hard about it.




I was the one interviewed for that NPR article and while the article does accuratly describe what I did, I don't think they picked the best example videos I sent my students. Here's a link to a public dropbox folder that contains more examples of the "snaps" I sent out to my class during the semeter that someone who's interested in this might want to check out.


Also, I only used the snapchat videos as an occasional tool to demonstrate real life examples of what we learned in class and as a way to keep students engaged. It wasn't a huge part of the class, but certainly a fun way to keep the discussion going outside of class.

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@michael_britt When I read the article I assumed it was you!! Thanks for sharing the dropbox.. this was exactly how I Invisioned this and have already spoke to some former students about doing this in my classroom. They all really liked the idea and I think I will try it. Did you have any students who didn't want to add you on Snapchat? How did you do that-- class snapchat and just add pics/videos to your story? 



Glad you like the idea.  It's fun to do and, since I spread the videos out across the semester, I like to think that the videos helped with "distributed practice".


No problems with students adding me on Snapchat.  I did, however, promise not to follow them back so they wouuldn't feel weird about it.  That said, a few students actually asked me to follow them so that they could actively community with me through Snapchat.  That worked well too and nobody took advantage and snapped me as constantly as they snap their friends (thank god).


Yup - they just followed my snapchat account and I snapped whenver an idea hit me that I wanted to share with them.  I didn't add them to my story but you could do that.