Dear Family Member,

“How do living things depend on each other?” That is the big question we are exploring in this unit. To answer it, we are reading, writing, and talking about the partnerships some plants and animals form to survive. Be a part of our exploration! With your student, read the New Words on the next page. Then follow these directions.


  1. Talk together about how things in nature work together. Share what you know about these partnerships. Try to use some of the New Words in your discussion.
  2. Work together to record your thoughts. On the lines below, write words, phrases, and sentences that tell your ideas about partnerships in nature. Try to use the New Words when you can.
  3. Remind your student to bring the completed notes to class.

What We’re Reading

“Go to Sleep, Gecko!”

by Margaret Read MacDonald

In this folk tale, Gecko learns how much his survival depends on other animals in the forest.

“Enric Sala: Marine Ecologist”

by Kristin Cozort

In the article, the author describes the work of Explorer Enric Sala, who studies coral reefs and the many creatures that depend on them.

“Odd Couples”

by Amy Sarver

This science article describes animals that form partnerships in order to survive.

“Working Together”

by Lori Wilkinson

In this article, the author explains how flowers and honeybees help each other survive.

And more!