Bringing You The Gas

It was just a matter of time before direct-to-consumer delivery reached the fueling industry, and with the widespread adoption of apps among the buying public, it appears that consumers will soon have the ability to order up just about anything.

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Gasoline delivery, although not a new idea, is one of the latest perks for Americans with marketers using what one startup calls an "unstationed" distribution model. That is, we now have app-based fuel delivery services such as Filld and InstaFuel so that consumers don't have to be bothered with stopping at a filling station. Certainly, re-charging services for electric cars can't be too far behind.

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Some regulators are concerned about the safety of having so many flammable materials being driven about (especially when it comes to delivery in residential neighborhoods) and so, like many new product ideas, legal issues must be sorted out. But they will be sorted out as they are right now with ride sharing services. The concept is really catching on at privately-owned corporate campuses across the country where any issues regarding safety can be more controlled and companies can assume liability. And of course, we are quite used to the idea of having propane delivered, which is also a highly flammable material, so safety concerns aren't likely to destroy the business model. Nothing can stop consumer-driven progress, and gasoline is just the latest product that convenience-minded drivers can pay a little extra to have delivered to them.

Discussion: What other market segments might want this delivery service? What other goods and services might be slated for delivery in the near future?