Clubs Seek Gen X For Growth

As the oldest Millennials settle into middle age, growth in the $24 billion "club" industry has begun to slow down. And while most clubs are focusing on the youngest Millennials and the emerging age cohort just now entering college, some savvy marketers have discovered that there is considerable opportunity among an older, albeit smaller demographic--Generation X.

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The 45-54 age group spends more on entertainment than anyone and, as such, comprise the biggest share of consumers at bars and nightclubs that serve food. Smaller spaces, bottle service, unique cocktails, and 70's/80's dance music are on the menu at many places across the country. In some cases, marketers attract these older customers with dinner and try to keep them in the venue throughout the night, which for many of us in this age-group is probably around 11. It appears that opportunities abound in this and other industries to position products and target yet another generation that is redefining what it means to age gracefully.

Discussion: What other industries might be overlooking the middle-aged Generation X age cohort (ages 37-53)?