A Message from the CEO of Spirit Airlines


Dear Spirit Guest,

As 2017 comes to a close, I am excited to share with you some of the amazing improvements we have made in the past year. Six months ago, I wrote to you to share how we had begun to invest in your Guest Experience. Today, I am happy to write to you with the impressive results of those actions.

Thanks to our dedication to improving our operation, our on-time performance has rapidly climbed in the rankings. The preliminary airline rankings for October have arrived and for on-time performance we ranked number two overall, an all-time record! Last month, we hit a milestone of 87.1% on-time arrivals, beating out nearly all other carriers with our Fit Fleet. We cannot be happier. 

Since May, we have also launched several new initiatives to improve your experience based on your feedback. Our brand new mobile-friendly website was just unveiled, making it faster and easier to navigate and find the best deals anywhere. We are currently rolling out brand new check-in kiosks to all of our stations, with an even better experience too. And, if you want to move through the airport even faster, our Spirit Check-In app with electronic boarding pass will allow you to head straight through security if you fly without a checked bag! These new features, coupled with our new Facebook and Instagram accounts, allow us to help better care for all of our Guests' needs digitally.

To improve the Guest experience throughout their journey, we partnered with the Disney Institute to create a common purpose and a fresh set of service standards, which anchor our new Service Training. We call this Spirit Signature Service. Our entire inflight team has been through this training, and it is beginning to move through our airport stations as well! This commitment to Guest service has had a great impact on your experience with us. Thanks to these dramatic improvements, our Guest satisfaction scores have reached an all-time record high!

Our team is proud of all that we have achieved in the past few months, especially when we consider the hardships that this year has brought. Many of our Guests and our Spirit Family were hit hard by this hurricane season, and I am proud that we at Spirit have done everything in our power to support those affected. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma we operated dedicated rescue and relief flights to support evacuees and emergency responders, flying over 1,400 Guests at no cost. So far, we have operated 252 other regularly scheduled flights to San Juan and Aguadilla that have ferried emergency personnel and over 300,000 lbs. of relief supplies to the area since the storm.

In total, our flights transported over 27,000 Guests to safety so far, including many sick and elderly and those stranded from other airlines. We also committed to matching $150,000 in donations to the American Red Cross. I am proud to say that our efforts in the affected region are ongoing.

The Spirit of today just keeps getting better for all of us, and we are so happy you are along for the ride. I look forward to meeting you on a Spirit flight soon!

 Thank You,

 Bob Fornaro

President and CEO, Spirit Airlines 

Bob Fornaro, CEO of Spirit Airlines, sent the above email to customers.

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