Deloitte CMO with host Erin Andrews talk about Multiculturalism

In the video above, Diana O’Brien, Deloitte CMO, talks with sportscaster Erin Andrews about how to empower women and other minorities.  “My job is to capture the hearts and minds of our employees and our customers and I need to come with the insight that really helps me reach them when they need it and want it and I can help make an impact for them,” O’Brien explained. “Our purpose statement is ‘to make an impact that matters.’ And we want to make an impact that matters on their toughest problems, want to make an impact that matters on our people, on our communities. And so, for us, using that as our lens, if I want to capture your heart and mind around making an impact, I want to know what you care about.”

Ms. O'Brien explained that the proactive strategy flips the script on traditional efforts that rely on organizations to “empower” minorities by creating spaces for them when it’s actually the other way around: multiculturalism empowers companies by providing a diversity of people AND ideas that are going to be needed in the future.

Explain how managers might distinguish between empowering employees and empowering companies.