• Better Managers Improve Employee Engagement


    Quantum Workplace says that to improve employee engagement, companies must get better managers. "Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, and more likely to stay."

    How do managers negatively impact employee engagement?

    What can managers do to engage employees?

  • PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi Shares Tips On How To Succeed At Work

    In the video above, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, says if you want to advance in your career, focus on succeeding in your current position instead of proving that you can do your ideal job. Develop a unique skill that helps you stand out, and show courage in your actions at work.

    You can watch a more detailed version of the video at the site below.

    What are the three steps to advancing your career?

    How can you do your current job extremely well?

    What is your unique (hip-pocket) skill?

    Explain how you have shown courage.

  • Conduct a Personal SWOT Analysis

    Conduct a personal SWOT analysis. 

    What are your strengths? weaknesses? opportunities? threats?

    What will you do with this information?

    Will you make any changes? If so, what?

  • Show Employee Appreciation During the Holidays

    Upgrade your hot chocolate with these 18 amazing flavor combos

    Showing employee appreciation does not have to be expensive. One example is to have a hot chocolate bar. Several recipe ideas are depicted in the infographic above by sheknows.

    What are some other inexpensive ideas to celebrate the holidays and show employee appreciation?

  • How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

    Laura Vanderkam reminds us that time is a choice. There is time. Focus on what matters, so you can "build the life you want in the time you've got."

    What matters to you?

    Have you made a 3 category list? Why or why not?

    How can you use small moments? 

    What 3-5 things will you do in 2017 that will make it an amazing year?

  • How to Reduce Stress at Work

    how to reduce stress at work infographic

    We all have stress, but you can manage your stress.

    • Form positive relationships
    • Exercise more
    • Eat right
    • Sleep more
    • Set goals
    • Prioritize goals

    How do you manage your stress?

  • Perform a Job Hazard Analysis for a Safer Workplace


    Managers need to assess hazards and develop a clear process for keeping employees safe. A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) can help?

    Explain how a manager can use this tool to make the workplace safer.

  • Best Places to Work in 2017

    Bloomberg wrote an article based on Glassdoor's annual report about the best places to work.

    The average score for a company ranked on Glassdoor this year was 3.3. But, the top companies ranked at almost 5 on a 5-point scale.

    Think of a company that you work for or one that you would like to work for. Why do you want to work for the company?

    How does it rank on Glassdoor?

    What can a manager learn by looking at the rankings on Glassdoor?

  • Workplace Incentives

    workplace perks

    Everyone wants more than just money from a job. We want incentives!

    Why are incentives important?