• What’s your ideal workplace?

    The infographic at the site below from quill.com will help you match common work personality types with their ideal office spaces.

    Take the Holland Code Career test at the site below and identify your strongest career interest among six occupational themes: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

    What is your ideal workplace?

    What is your strongest career interest?

  • Where Will the Jobs be in 2020?

    Source: Zenput at http://blog.zenput.com/job-growth-2020

    Take a look at the infographic above. What are the fastest growing industries?

    Why do you think 6 out of the 10 industries are in health care or elderly services?

  • Nine steps to landing a job

    Source: Rasmussen College

    Which of the nine steps in landing the interview have you used?

    Which of the nine steps in landing the interview will you use in the future?

    What steps would you add to this infographic?

  • Jobs With High and Rising Pay

    Indeed, a job search site, found that few adults had a job for which wages are high and growing.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal

    Why do you think so many management jobs met Indeed's criteria as an “opportunity job” with pay of at least $57,700 and wage growth that matched inflation over a decade?

  • Work Engaged, Work Inspired

    What can managers and employees do to help each other be more engaged and create a livelier, more productive workplace?

  • MasterCard Pepper Cafe

    MasterCard and SoftBank Robotics’ humanoid robot Pepper use MasterPass, the global digital payment service from MasterCard that connects consumers with merchants, to make fast digital payments across channels and devices.

    According to MarketWatch, “Pizza Hut is the latest company to try a robot cashier, in a partnership with robotics company SoftBank Robotics and MasterCard, which has created the payment app. The application works only with MasterCard’s MasterPass, a digital wallet that allows payment by MasterCard cards, as well as credit, debit, or prepaid cards.”

    What do you think about SoftBank's humanoid, or human-like robot?

    How could restaurants benefit from robots?

  • The Happy Healthy Workplace

    What are the benefits of establishing a workplace wellness program as detailed in the above infographic by Atlantic Training?
    What is a comprehensive workplace wellness program?

  • Management is Hard to Automate

    McKinsey & Company studied the potential of machines replacing humans across sectors and activities.

    McKinsey reports, "The hardest activities to automate with currently available technologies are those that involve managing and developing people (9 percent automation potential) or that apply expertise to decision making, planning, or creative work (18 percent)."

    Explain how you are developing your management, decision making, and planning skills.

  • 11 Smaller Social Media Apps Poised to Break Out in 2016

    11 Smaller Social Media Apps Poised to Break Out in 2016

    Via Salesforce

    More and more Internet users are on social media.

    Choose a business. Use this graphic to figure out what its next strategic move should be in the social media world.

  • Words to use instead of "very"

    In the Infographic below created by ProofReadingServices.com, find "128 Words to Use Instead of 'Very.'

    When you are in a hurry, it is easy to use 'very' instead of choosing a more appropriate word. 

    Why is it important for managers to write better?