• Disruption Is the New Innovation

    Red Bull understood that customers were mobile and adventuresome, and Red Bull disrupted people's patterns of thinking about soft drinks.

    "Think what no one else is thinking."

    "Do what no one else is doing."

    Share an example of disruptive thinking.

  • Great Customer Service Matters

    In the video above, David Segal, New York Times' "Haggler" columnist, spoke at Gel 2015 conference.

    Share an example of when you received poor customer service.

    Share an example of when you received good customer service.

    Could the employee handle your problem? Was the problem an exceptional problem? 

    What would you suggest that managers tell employees about customer service?

    How can managers delegate authority to employees to handle exceptional problem?

  • If You Were Fired Yesterday

    James Altucher shares his presentation "10 Things You Need to do if you were Fired Yesterday."

    You can read his commentary on what happened to him when he was fired.

    Explain why you should have a plan in case you get fired.

  • What's in your lunch?

    Adweek created the infographic below. Research from Influenster found that Kraft Mozzarella String cheese, Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts, and SkinnyPop Popcorn were the three top lunch items that millennial moms view as healthy.

    How does your lunch compare to the research?

    Do you take your lunch to school or work? Why?

    How is eating lunch a part of the organizational culture?

  • Social Media Checklist

    A checklist is an important management tool. It keeps managers focused and on schedule. An example of a checklist is one used by Sprout's social media manager Darryl Villacorta. He uses the checklist similar to the one below to figure out how often to perform his social media activities.

    Villacorta's checklist seems very important for interacting with customers.

    What other types of checklists could managers use?

    When do you use a checklist?

  • Visualization of Knowledge

    In this video, Manuel Lima discusses how information can be organized and graphically displayed.

    Throughout history, information has been organized and displayed by hierarchy, trees and branching, and networks. 

    Think about how management is depicted. Besides the management pyramid, hierarchy, and organization chart, what are some other depictions of management and business?

    Explain how you think that management should be depicted.

  • charity: water 2014 Annual Report

    The mission of charity: water is to bring clean drinking water to people in developing nations. Their 2014 annual report has beautiful imagery and powerful content which helps donors feel the difference that charity: water is making in the world.

    How does charity: water's annual report differ from the SEC's description of an annual report?

    Search Google for another organization's annual report. Identify the company and the sections in the report. Why is one report better than the other?

  • Which career is best for you?

    All industries need all types of managers. But, which career path is best for you? Take this quiz from Careerealism to find out.

    First, complete the quiz.

    Then, watch the 'career decoder' video.

    What is your true professional potential?

  • Servant Leadership

    What is reciprocal caring?

    Read more about servant leadership and the essay The Servant as Leader published by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970. 

    What definition of servant leadership do you like? Why?

  • Office Perks

    In the Wall Street Journal video above, reporters discuss that companies are making their offices more employee friendly -- just like Google -- with recreational space, free food, and other perks.

    What is your "ideal" employee friendly office?

  • A minimum wage success story in Seattle

    Seattle, Washington has implemented a $15 an hour minimum wage ordinance. As a result, restaurants, such as Ivar's in the above video, have raised their wages, increased their prices, and discouraged tipping.

    What is the "minimum wage debate"?

    How might automation replace workers?

  • Top 10 Trends for Back to College 2015

    Back to school and college shopping is important to businesses. See the below infographic from the National Retail Foundation (NRF).

    The NRF survey found that college students will spend an average of $899.18, down slightly from $916.48 2014. 

    How much will you spend on back to college?

    How has back-to-school shopping changed for you over the years?