• A Profile of the Remote Worker

    What occupations do remote workers typically have?

    Where do remote workers live?

    How old are remote workers?

    Why would you be a remote worker?

  • 9 Common Body Language Mistakes

    Managers communicate everyday with employees, other managers, and the public. Whether presenting to one or many, it is best to avoid body language mistakes.

    Which body language mistakes have you made? How might others have perceived you?

    How will you practice to create better body language habits?

  • Tailor company news for the digital age

    The attached Business Wire publication Let’s Get Visual: Multimedia and the News Release is designed to guide Public Relations, Investor Relations and Communications professionals in tailoring company news by answering the following questions:

    • How does the brain process multimedia?
    • How does multimedia influence technology development and design?
    • What is the role of multimedia in today’s mobile environment?
    • What is the role of imagery in news creation and consumption?

    Kay points from the report include:

    • Scientific study shows that multimedia has a stronger impact than plain-text.
    • Technology is being designed to accommodate streamlined access to multimedia.
    • Multimedia’s popularity has been established by the democratic culture of online communities.
    • Inclusion of multimedia with a news release has shown significant impact on company communication ROI.

    How might a manager use this information?

  • Social Media Mistakes

    Managers need to use social media, but many are making mistakes. The infographic above from Digital Marketing Philippines outlines basic mistakes to avoid, including the eight below.

    1. Having no social media strategy
    2. Creating accounts on too many platforms too soon
    3. Paying for fake followers
    4. Talking about nothing but the brand
    5. Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags
    6. Sharing too much in a short amount of time
    7. Forgetting to proofread
    8. Neglecting the “social” aspect of social media

    These mistakes are symptoms of the real problem, which might include trying to recruit too many customers and/or using excessive hashtags.

    Explain why using social media is a good idea for managers.

  • Stand Up!

    Managing stress is an important part of managing your health. Did you know that sitting at a desk all day can be bad for your health?

    Which one tip from the above infographic, Live Long and Posture, will you begin using to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the workday?

  • Mobile Learning

    The New Media Consortium’s 2014 Horizon Report listed mobile apps and mobile learning as key emerging technologies that have potential relevance to learning. (See attached report.) According to the report, the majority of students are carrying devices and accessing content via mobile. 

    Do you own a smart phone? If so, how do you use it for learning?

    Have you used an eTextbook? If so, how did your learning compare to using a printed textbook?

    As a manager, explain how using eTextbooks could help you train your employees.

  • Create a Video that Explains

    What are the 12 types of  "explainer" videos?
    What are the four steps to follow to create a video that explains?  
    What do you think about the high prices next to each type of video?
    How could you make your own video? What would it cost you to make the video?
  • Apps Used by the Class of 2015

    Niche surveyed more than 10,000 college-bound high school graduates to find which apps they use most. Then, they compared the results of the Class of 2015 to the Class of 2014.

    How does your use of apps compare to the Class of 2015?

    Which technology is gaining, losing, or holding ground? Why is this?

    How might a manager use this information?

  • It Pays to Ask

    It pays to ask for more money when you are being hired and when you want a raise. Managers can't read your mind.

    Payscale breaks down the data across industry, salary, gender, major, and more, to give you the optimal conditions to get more money.

    What should you be paid?

  • Reflection

    Keep a journal about the discoveries you make about yourself and what you read and/or experience about management. When you are writing a summary and response journal, you write two full paragraphs. Each paragraph will have approximately 8-12 sentences. The first paragraph summarizes what you have read, and the second paragraph communicates your response to what you have read.

    Use the starter guides below.

    • Something important I learned this week is. . . 
    • A few things I liked about the readings this week are . . .
    • One of the ways I can see myself growing is . . .
    • The class this week was particularly . . .
    • Something that threw me for a loop this week was . .
    • Discuss something you learned this week that has influenced your thinking.
    • The best thing that happened to me in class this week was . . .
    • We have explored several new ideas this week. Are you confused by any of them? Do you disagree with any of them? If so, which ones? Explain your confusion or disagreement.
    • A significant problem I am successfully working on is .
    • What more would you like to learn about some of these topics?
    • A new idea I am trying out for myself is. . .

    Do you know how to reflect?

    Is it safe for you to reflect?

    Will your manager support you as you reflect? 

    How does reflection make an impact?

  • Social selling at Cisco

    Jennifer Roberts, Cisco’s Social Media Marketing Manager, presented a case study at the SocialMedia.org Member Meeting.

    How did Cisco sales reps implement the social selling program?

    Why did Cisco choose LinkedIn?

    How could Cisco's social selling checklist help any manager, even if he or she is not a salesperson?

  • An Interview with Alibaba's CEO Daniel Yong Zhang

    In this interview, Alibaba's CEO Daniel Yong Zhang talks with Nielsen CEO Mitch Barns. 

    Where is Alibaba located?

    What type of company is Alibaba?

    What does CEO Daniel Yong Zhang mean when he says B2C should be C2B? Do you agree? Explain.

  • Customer Support has Evolved

    How is customer service becoming more human?

    Share a time that you used customer support. Why did you need it? What was the result?

    What does this mean for managers?

    What do you think is the next evolution for customer support?