• Facts About Laughter

    Cognitive neuroscientist Sophie Scott shares surprising facts about laughter. One fact, laughter is associated with interactions. It is contagious. Laughing makes us feel better!

    Explain how important is for managers and employees to laugh together.

  • Leadership Lessons

    Guy Kawasaki was asked to share three leadership lessons.  His answer was empathy, honesty, and humility.

    View the presentation above.

    Why are empathy, honesty, and humility important leadership lessons?

    Explain which of these lessons you find to be the most helpful.

    How might you use these leadership lessons in the future?

  • Social Media Dos and Don'ts

    Most managers know that they should use social media, but actually doing it—and doing it effectively—is an entirely different matter. The infographic above is from The Insurance Octopus. What are the top things you should do? What are the top things you definitely SHOULDN’T do?

  • Presentation Checklist

    In this infographic, author Guy Kawasaki shares a checklist on how to create a fantastic presentation.

    Explain how you might use this checklist.

  • Create Visually Appealing Content

    Are your presentations boring? Many presentations are boring because they have too many words. This infographic gives you some guidelines for creating visually appealing content. 

    How can you make your next presentation more visual?

  • Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

    In the video above, Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern, Founder & CEO of L2, business intelligence firm serving prestige brands presents in Munich about Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.

    What are “trainspotters”? Explain how Galloway and his team at NYU Stern did their research. How does this relate to managers scanning the business environment?

    Galloway declares Apple and Facebook winners and Amazon and Google losers. Explain why you do or don't agree with Galloway.

    What would you recommend that Amazon and Google do differently? How should they change?

  • How The Internet Of Things Will Rule Your Workday In 2020

    Why will the Internet of things rule your workday in 2020?

    How many of the Internet of things listed in the infographic already rule your day in 2015?

    As managers are promoted, many lose their technical skills. What should managers do to prepare for future work today?

    What do you need to do to prepare for the future workday?

  • Learning as a Habit

    Jennifer Cheng, a research fellow on leave from PwC in Hong Kong, was resident at the Masie Center and conducted a study of how people make learning a habit on a daily or weekly basis. Based on a survey of over 500 colleagues from around the world and intensive interviews with several dozen corporate executives, Jennifer published the attached Learning as a Habit white paper and the Infographic above.

    Explain how important is it to form a habit of learning.

    What actions or routines do you perform on a daily basis to acquire new knowledge or practice a skill?

  • Email in Real Life

    We all use email, but some of us use it better than others. What about you? Watch the video above from Tripp and Tyler.

    Below are "The Core Rules of Netiquette" from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. 

    Which wrongs have you delivered and/or received?

  • Cindi Leive Glamour’s Confidence Chief

    You can read more in the article below.

    Why does NYT refer to Cindi Leive as "Glamour's Confidence Chief"?

    Explain why none of us should measure ourselves against a singular model of success.

  • CEO of UK-Based Morrisons Fires Senior Managers and Board Members

    Business, especially, the grocery business, is very competitive. David Potts, the new CEO of UK-based supermarket Morrisons, is a change agent. He's been on the job a couple of weeks and recorded the welcome statement below. In it, he asks customers for their help in changing the business.

    Potts fired five board members. Morrisons' media center posted this statement from Potts: “I will now be constructing a leaner Management Board, with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the business. I would like to thank Nick, Martyn, Neil, Nigel and Gordon for their service to Morrisons.” Potts fired two top executives, also.

    You can read more about the changes at Morrisons in the article below.

    What does Potts mean by “leaner” “simplifying” and “speeding up”?

    Explain how you think Potts chose which managers to keep and which managers to let go.

    Would you want to work for Potts? Explain.

  • April Fool's Day 2015

    Companies like to celebrate April Fool's Day. In the above video, DocStoc shares some of the past favorites.

    Below, AdWeek has a whole page of ads that were shared today.

    What is your favorite?

    What does the ad tell you about the company?