• What makes Millennials so special?

    CNNMoney reports that Millennials are the biggest generation with the most education, and they've got the student loans to prove it. The average student loan for someone under 30 years old is more than $21,000. Many Millennials still live with their parents. The average marriage age is 30. In order to appeal to Millennials, companies must make their products more sustainable, higher quality, and customizable. 

    Are you a Millenial?

    How might companies recruit Millennials?

    What would make you want to work for a company?

  • Women's History Month 2015

    This month is women's history month.

    I thought it would be appropriate to hear Dame Stephanie Shirley answer the question, "Why do ambitious women have flat heads?" I hope this gives you an appreciation of our history.

    Why did Dame Stephanie Shirley go by the name "Steve"?

    Why do you think we need "Women's History Month"?

  • The Rehearsal Regimen That Every Great Presenter Should Know

    Whether you're representing the company to outsiders or just recapping results for your team, managers make presentations. It always pays to be prepared. These tried-and-true methods will polish any presentation.

    What are the 8 essential ways to rehearse and perfect your delivery?

  • Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

    In this video, Management theorist Simon Sinek answers the question, "Why do good leaders make you feel safe?" He suggests that good leaders make their employees feel secure by drawing those staffers into a circle of trust.

    Explain how a manager can create trust and safety.

  • Should Starbucks do more than sell coffee?

    Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, confronts social issues. In this video, reporters for the Wall Street Journal discuss some of the reasons that Starbucks takes on social issues.

    Why do you think talking about social issues is good for business?

  • Surprising Facts About Google

    What do you know about Google? Yes, it is a search engine, but it is also a company.

    Why do these surprising facts about Google make you want to apply for one of their jobs?

  • Courting Mentors

    In this video, Jason Nazar, the Co-founder of Docstoc, shares how he acquired dozens of mentors by courting mentors while in college. He believes that securing a mentor is imperative for entrepreneurs and young professionals.

    What specific skills would you like to improve?

    What characteristics would you need most in a mentor?

  • Relational Leadership

    Robert E. Hall, author, consultant, and executive coach, states that we need relational leadership to reinvigorate our culture with productive relationships. Relational leadership invites and engages others in a way that builds commitment.  

    Coaching and mentoring are important tools for a strong relational environment. Where do you have opportunities to coach and mentor in a way that builds stronger, more productive relationships? 

    Take the attached relationship quiz. What is the state of your relationships?

  • Facebook's Ad Images Cheat Sheet

    Facebook provides an ad images cheat sheet to help managers determine how to choose images for their ads. (See attached.)

    How else might a manager use this information?

  • Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2015

    Read Time's "How America Invented St. Patrick's Day."

    Why do you think it is important for managers and employees to celebrate?

    How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

  • The Job of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    The infographic above came from Direct Marketing News.

    What is the job of chief marketing officer (CMO)?

  • Celebrate Pi Day, 3-14-15

    Do you love math? Do you love pie? Well, today is a great day to celebrate! Today, 3-14-15, is Pi Day of the Century. It won't happen again until March 2115. The constant pi is used to calculate the area of a circle (pi time the radius squared). Today's date is the first five digits of pi: 3.1415926535. Pi is irrational - it goes on to infinity and has no repeating patterns. Then, the next six digits represent the best time to have a piece of pie to celebrate: 9:26 and 5:35. So, eat pie for breakfast and dinner today!

    Why is it important for businesses to celebrate?

    How might managers celebrate Pi Day?

    How are you celebrating Pi Day?

  • How Netflix Reinvented HR

    In the Slideshare below, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, shares ideas about company culture. HBR asked Reed, "Why did you write the Netflix culture deck?" Hastings answered, "It’s our version of Letters to a Young Poet for budding entrepreneurs. It’s what we wish we had understood when we started."

    In the HBR article below, Patty McCord talks about how Netflix reinvented human resources (HR). One of the talent management ideas Netflix pioneered was the concept that workers should be allowed to take whatever vacation time they feel is appropriate.


    Why do people find the Netflix approach to talent and culture compelling?

    Why does Netflix say that building a great team is a manager's most important task?

  • Play this game to come up with original ideas

    All managers want innovative employees. But, how can they help employees think creatively?

    In this video, toy designer Shimpei Takahashi shares a game that you can play to come up with innovative ideas. He found that using data as a starting point for designing toys did not help his creativity.

    How did Takahashi get his ideas flowing again?

    Play his simple game. What new ideas did you generate?

  • Managing Millennials

    In this video, Goldman Sachs chief learning officer Jason Wingard talks about managing millennials. 

    How does Wingard define millennials or Generation Y?

    How does the Baby Boomer generation affect millennials?

    Who are "Producer Managers"?

    How does Wingard define "thought leadership"?

    How does a global team differ from a local team?

    Why are companies, like Goldman Sachs, hiring chief learning officers?

    Find more information at http://knlg.net/1Ki4con

  • Wendy's Romaine Lettuce Journey

    Where does salad come from? In this video, Wendy's shares the journey of its romaine lettuce from farm to salad.

    How similar is Wendy's video to those shared by McDonald's in its playlist at the link below, "Our food. Your questions."


    When you think of fast food, do you think of quality and freshness?

    If you were a manager at Wendy's or McDonald's, what would you recommend to inform your customers about your food freshness and preparation? 

  • Apple Watch

    Apple showed off its new smartwatch today that will hit stores in April. But what exactly can you do with it? WSJ's Joanna Stern discusses five things the Apple Watch can help you with.

    Does the watch change anything? Will any of these things help you?

  • Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending

    How much is your time worth? Do you feel like you have enough time in the day? Most of us don't feel that we have enough time. According to Elizabeth Dunn, co-author with Mike Norton of Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending, "If you feel like you don't have enough time, try giving some away."

    How can doing something for someone else make you feel like you have more time?

    How might a manager use this information with employees?

  • GRIT

    In this video, Dr. Paul G. Stoltz talks about GRIT, his acronym for a winning mindset. Also, it is the name of his book. Dr. Stoltz reminds us that every time an impressive achievement is encountered, ask yourself, "What did it take for that to happen?" The answer is GRIT: Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity.

    People with a growth mindset, ask, "Why not?" and "What if?"

    People with resilience view obstacles as the beginning of problem-solving.

    People with instinct "pursue the right goals in the best and smartest ways.

    People with tenacity believe the solution can be found. They don't give up.

    In the video below (advance about 5 minutes), Dr. Stoltz demonstrates how a manager might communicate with an angry employee and turn the situation into an opportunity to solve a problem. He says, "turn adversity into fuel." He discusses the evidence question. "What evidence is there that it has to turn out that way?" He helps diffuse the employee's anger by asking, "What could you do to at least increase the chances that this works out OK?"

    An example of a person with grit in the book is Thomas Edison. Dr. Stoltz says that Edison could have found many ways not to invent the light bulb. Instead, with a "one more" focus, Edison believed he would find the solution.

    Share an inspiring story about someone's grit.

    How can you create a story about your grit?

  • Inside Chipotle

    Training is very important in every business. In this video, WSJ Live documents "Inside Chipotle: The Precision of the Burrito Line."

    What precise, operating guidelines does Chipotle follow to ensure that food stays fresh?