• Tradesy CEO Tracy DiNunzio

    How did Tracy DiNunzio launch her buy-and-sell marketplace for women’s fashion into a successful business?

    What did she sacrifice to become an entrepreneur?

    How did she  build her customer market?

    How did she use Twitter to build her business?

    The host of the video asks, "What would you rent out in your house in order to fund your start-up?" Explain why Tracy DiNunzio did that and its importance to her business.

  • Risk Taker Quiz

    Entrepreneurs start and assume the risk of a running a business. Intrapreneurs are employees who think and act like a business owner. Both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs take risks. 

    Are you a risk taker?

    Or, are you risk averse?

    Take this quick quiz at Docstoc to find out.

    Explain the importance of risk taking for starting a business. 

    Explain the importance of risk taking while working in a business.

    After taking the quiz, share your findings. Do you agree with the findings? Explain.

  • What Brand Colors Say About Business

    People respond to colors. So, business should care about brand colors because color affects consumer purchasing decisions.

    Identify a company and its industry. Which color(s) are used in its logo (or product)? According to the above infographic, is the company using the best color? Explain.

  • Management versus Leadership

    Leaders are not just at the top of an organization in a management position. The most effective organizations have strong leaders at every level.

    Explain how will you develop your management and your leadership skills.

  • The Happy Secret to Better Work

    Psychologist Shawn Achor says that most companies' formula for success -- If I work harder, I'll be more successful. And if I'm more successful, then I'll be happier. -- is backwards. Why does he say that?

    Mr. Achor says that you can train your brain to be able to become more positive. Will you commit to two minutes a day for 21 days to become more positive and more happy?

    • Write down three new things that you are grateful for for 21 days in a row, three new things each day.
    • Journal about one positive experience you've had over the past 24 hours.
    •  Write one positive email praising or thanking somebody in your support network.

    Explain how doing these activities can reverse the formula for happiness and success, resulting in positivity.

  • The 10 Most Important Work Skills in 2020

    Are you ready for the future? The infographic above and the attached file discusses the future work skills for 2020. 

    Which of these future work skills do you possess? Which future work skills do you need to acquire?

  • Are you an inclusive leader?

    Are you an inclusive leader? Take the attached quiz to find out.

  • Use Social Media to Optimize an Event

    (Source: Gryffin via Adweek [http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/social-media-event-promotion/614731:550:0)

    You never know when you might be in charge of an event. If asked, will you tell your manager that you don't know how to do it. You don't have to say that! You can use the infographic above to help you prepare for an event.

    What type of event might a manager ask an employee to plan?

    Explain why you might need to use social media in planning an event.

  • Project LUV Seat

    With Project LUV Seat, Southwest Airlines is turning old leather seats into new products of better environmental value. (See the attached infographic.) The Dallas Morning News reports, "Project LUV Seat was born to turn some of the seat leather into stylish two-tone backpacks for eco-conscious shoppers and into soccer balls and shoes for kids in Africa. It’s Southwest’s first foray into the world of “upcycling” — turning waste materials into new products of greater value or better environmental value. The project also provides jobs and skills training for disadvantaged and disabled people in Africa and the United States." Read the article at 

    Visit Southwest's page and watch a video at 

    How does upcycling differ from recycling? 

    How might other companies upcyle?

  • Valentine's Day History

    According to the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day will spend $142.31 on candy, flowers, apparel and more, up from $133.91 last year. Total spending is expected to reach $18.9 billion, a survey high. (See https://nrf.com/media/press-releases/cupid-shower-americans-jewelry-candy-this-valentines-day.)

    Source: History Channel http://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day/history-of-valentines-day/interactives/valentines-day-by-the-numbers

    Are you among the majority of adults who say they celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, how will you celebrate?

  • The Art of Talking Happy

    When you talk on the phone, smile! It will help you serve your internal and external customers better. You will seem more professional to those on the other end of the phone.

    In this SlideShare, Kayako identifies 10 ways you can make everyday conversations sound nicer.

    Which suggestions will start using? Why?

  • Amy Pascal Steps Down at Sony

    Picture from Sony Pictures Senior Management Team http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/seniormanagementteam/amypascal.html

    Yesterday, Amy Pascal resigned as Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and Chairman of SPE’s Motion Picture Group. A few months ago Sony’s computers were hacked, and her emails were made public. (See the attached - Sony's cyber notification.) In those emails she made unkind remarks about President Obama’s movie viewing.

    For more information, click the links below.

    Amy Pascal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Pascal

    Sony Pictures http://www.sonypictures.com/

    Sony hack http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Pictures_Entertainment_hack and http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/sony-hack

    Pascal email http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-amy-pascal-email-rogen-hirai-20150205-story.html

    Discussion Questions:

    How might anything you put in writing end up as a public embarrassment? How will you avoid that?

  • Digital Is Changing Local Ad Spending

    Managers must decide which communication channels to use to communicate with buyers. Traditional channels of communication include newspapers, television, radio, and magazines. The advantages and disadvantages of each are listed below.

    Advantages and disadvantages for using newspapers, television, radio, and magazines

    Advantages: flexibility; timeliness; good local market coverage; broad acceptability; high believability
    Disadvantages: short life; poor reproduction quality; small pass-along audience

    Advantages: good mass-market coverage; low cost per exposure; combines sight, sound, and motion; appeals to the senses
    Disadvantages: high absolute costs; high clutter; fleeting exposure; less audience selectivity

    Advantages: good local acceptance; high geographic and demographic selectivity; low cost
    Disadvantages: audio only; fleeting exposure; low attention; fragmented audiences

    Advantages: high geographic and demographic selectivity; credibility and prestige; high quality reproduction; long life and good pass-along readership
    Disadvantages: long ad purchase lead-time; high cost; no guarantee of position

    After less than a decade of existence, smartphones and tablets in 2014 will drew more money from advertisers than the centuries-old newspaper industry or the nearly century-old radio sector, a sign of just how rapidly technology is transforming media habits.

    This infographic from Borrell Associates published on Adweek compares total local ad spending by medium.

    Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

    How do you prefer to get information from companies?

  • Sit Up Straight!

    Sitting too long is bad for your health. See the graphic below and the attached file.

    Source: The Washington Post

    Most jobs entail sitting at a computer most of the day. Experts say that we should "sit up straight."

    How long do you sit each day? How will you change your posture?

    What else can you do to overcome the health hazards of sitting?

  • Uber, a New Way of Transporation

    Travis Kalanick is CEO and cofounder of Uber Technologies Inc., a car service application. In this video, he talks about starting Uber. The Uber website says, "Get a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone. Uber connects you with a driver in minutes. Use our app in cities around the world."

    How did Uber start?

    Why is Uber an innovation?

    Have you used Uber? If so, how did your experience compare to taking a cab?

  • How Much Super Bowl Can You Afford?

    Even though the Super Bowl isn't a holiday, many treat it like one. More than 180 million people will watch today's Super Bowl. Some watch the game, while others watch the commercials. People at the game spend a lot of money, but people at home spend money, too. According to NRF’s Super Bowl Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, average viewer spending will reach a survey high of $77.88, up from $68.27 last year, with fans planning to splurge on everything from game day food and new televisions to athletic wear and decorations. Total spending is expected to reach $14.3 billion.

    NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay, said, “Retailers will take full advantage of the expected traffic from avid fans by making sure they have adequately invested in décor, party food and accessories and other Super Bowl-related inventory.”

    Did you watch the Super Bowl?

    Where did you watch it?

    What purchases did you make in preparation for the game? (Did you purchase food and beverages, team apparel or accessories, or new television?)

    What did you think of the half-time show?

    What was your favorite commercial? How did it make you more aware of the advertiser’s brand?

    What social media did you use during the game?