A blog should provide you with information and perspective. It should be a quick, clear, and easy place to find information on a specific topic. We intend for this blog to do just that.

This blog will be regularly updated (3 times a week) with information about global events and international relations. You can expect to find current information relating to global issues, your international relations course, as well as a perspective on those issues and relations.

What perspective? Well, in short the world is changing! Among other things, technology and transportation are dramatically reshaping the way we interact and the very narrative we use to think about relations among nations and peoples of our planet. In short, we are all connected in ways only a few could dream of just ten years ago. These connections have rendered borders almost as meaningless as they were when gazelles first loped across the bushy savannas of Africa.

In addition to blogging about the big in-the-news-stories of state actors (Where is Muammar Qaddafi?), this blog will focus on human connections in international relations. What is Kiva.org? How is hard power being used? What is soft power? What role do MNCs play in development? Why is Greenpeace putting pressure on Disney and Toys-R-Us? How are humans reaching out to one another - across the globe? We hope that with each visit you will find new and useful information and inspiring perspective as you learn about relations among nations and peoples of our "pale blue dot."