Molly's Game: entrepreneurship, poker and business ethics

trailer for Molly's Game

Opening this holiday season is the film Molly's Game, which is a biopic about an Olympic-hopeful who became an extremely successful poker-game-hosting entrepreneur. Molly Bloom, portrayed by Jessica Chastain, thinks on her feet, embodies an ideal of self-discipline, and takes advantage of opportunities to make money and control her own life--while assuming an increasing amount of risk. At one point, she crosses the line into what is technically illegal activity, which leads to the dramatic climax of the movie arc.  

Thematically, the movie addresses motivation in a major way--as well as decision-making, risk, and what a clear ethical stand might mean for one's personal life. In addition, it is fun (and easy, with a little internet research) to guess what real-life characters are being portrayed by the film. 

Source: "Molly's Game," written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, produced by STX Entertainment, et. al., in theaters beginning December 25, 2017.

Follow up

  • What 2 events shaped Molly Bloom's Olympic career in a dramatic way? How may those experiences have shaped her business career?
  • When did Molly Bloom first commit a technically illegal act? What laws did she violate? What does the judge ultimately have to say about the severity of her crimes? What other crimes were being committed by those with whom Molly was doing business?