After hitting bottom, Detroit's revival includes Mahindra's nearby auto plant

 A Mahindra factory in India

The Detroit area is growing again. The Mumbai, India-based company, Mahindra, had a ribbon-cutting ceremony today signaling a new plant to be built in Auburn Hills, MI. This is the first auto plant investment in the Detroit area in over 25 years. Off-road vehicles will be manufactured there. 

Reasons cited by Anand G.Mahindra, CEO, for the location of the plant include: 

  • Elon Musk has proven that some of the barriers to an American auto plant start-up can be overcome.
  • "We have a responsibility to contribute to the resurgence of Detroit. That means jobs, and that means investment.”
  • The Detroit area has the human resources of engineering and manufacturing experience, and is a hub for self-driving innovation and testing sites.

Source: "Indian Automaker's Plant is Latest Sign of Detroit Comeback," by Bill Vlasik, New York Times, November 20, 2017. 

Follow up

  • List and discuss some additional reasons for locating in southeast Michigan, other than those cited by the company in the linked article (check related internet search links)
  • According to the article, what other foreign corporations have invested in southeast Michigan, and why?