Why millennials make great seasonal employees

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Holiday seasonal employment creates new opportunities in the "gig economy." The number of jobs spike in delivery and other logistics arenas, as well as in both on-ground and online sales. Employers can maximize both short and long term benefits by hiring millennials, according to the linked article and information from the National Retail Federation. The reasons include: 

  • Millennials like to communicate in person and online, and are especially adept at following up via social media. 
  • Angry and impatient customers provide opportunities for millennials to prove themselves--in an environment where they are not bored or burnt out by dealing with the public year-round.
  • The season provides a fertile but lower-risk training ground, both for and employee who might hone and develop skills to other positions, and for the employer who might want to hire the now-proven temp employee full-time. 

In addition to the reasons listed in the article, the acceptance of short-term employment as a lifestyle make the millennial generation a first-choice for seasonal hiring. I'm sure there are plenty of other reasons...

Source: "3 Reasons Why Your Seasonal Hires Should Be Millennials," by Deborah Sweeney, Business.com, October 19, 2017.

Follow up

  • Have you ever worked as a seasonal employee--either during the holidays in a sales or logistics business, or during the summer in a beach, camp, or tourism related business? Describe your experience. What are the pros and cons?
  • What OTHER millennial attributes make this generation a great choice for hiring?