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  • Forum Thread: Help w/Diag - No Start Fuel Related Issue

    My 04 GMC ENVOY will crank but no start. I was told that I had a fuel related issue and that the fuel pump most likely needed replaced. So I bought one from RockAuto. After my husband spent hrs removing and replacing the vehicle still wouldn't start. Had it towed to local shop and was told it was...
  • Blog Post: Gasoline Direct Injection

    Gasoline direct injection. (Courtesy of Bosch) A conventional fuel-injected engine supplies all cylinders with a mist-like mixture of air and fuel that is flushed into the cylinders during the intake stroke and ignited by the spark plug. The throttle valve determines how much of the air/fuel mixture...
  • Forum Reply: RE: My 1999 Chevy S10

    Follow these paths in your subscription to PATH: Engine Electrical > Distributor Ignition System > Diagnosis & Testing > Secondary Spark Test - Recheck the ignition system, make sure you have a hot spark on all cylinders. PATH: Engine Electrical > Distributorless Ignition System >...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Car stutters and struggles starting

    It very well could be. Fuel pumps are notorious for failing at the gas pump. Another possibility is the vapor recovery system for the fuel tank. I would have the fuel pressure tested and test for trouble codes (DTCs). Learn about your car's fuel system, testing, fuel pressure specifications, and...
  • Forum Thread: I can’t afford the fuel pump until Monday can I drive till then .can I blow the engine if I drive till Monday

    I can’t afford the pump until Monday can I drive till then .can I blow the engine if I drive till Monday - This question is from Tanya who posted on Chilton's DIY blog:
  • Forum Thread: 2003 dodge mini van - stalls

    Hi I have a 2003 dodge mini van it was driving Fine I stopped at a stop light went to drive and the car putted for about 2 blocks an died. The car will start idles for about 20 seconds kind of hard then die. Do you think it could be the fuel pump? From Stephanie, via the ChiltonDIY blog:
  • Forum Thread: 1996 dodge ram conversion van - won't start

    Hi, my 1996 dodge ram conversion van just stopped And I checked the oil and there’s gas in it but it won’t start someone told me it was my fuel pump… When I turn my key to the ON it make a click noise…. Got any advice…. Thank a ton…. Question from Jenn on the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Fuel Pump

    Hi Gary. Yes, your assumptions are correct. Verify that you have voltage to the fuel pump, if you do then the pump has stopped working. Always change the fuel filter when you change the fuel pump.
  • Forum Thread: What is stopping the fuel pump

    I'm working on a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante 3.5l drove home the other night and parked. when i went to start it the next day it just cranked over and over. i could not hear the fuel pump running so pulled it out and bench tested it, it was fine. i received 2 trouble codes a P0340 and a P0335 camshaft...
  • Forum Thread: Fueling a Diagnosis Dilemma

    While accelerating from a stoplight recently in my ‘01 GMC Sierra (4.8L 4l60e RCSB), I felt a slight surging and loss of power. Neither pressing the gas pedal nor letting off helped. I figured the truck started misfiring or something simple and I could just limp the 3 miles home. The surging...
  • Forum Reply: Re: What is stopping the fuel pump

    If codes P0335 and P0340 CKP and CMP signals were not detected for 2 seconds the cam and crank sensor circuit may be shutting down the fuel due to a non-spark condition. Check the electrical circuit for something the 2 sensors have in common. 5v VREF to the sensor MFI relay Open or shorted signal circuit...