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  • Blog Post: Replacing Worn Rear Shocks on a 2004 Ford F-150 in 8 Easy Steps

    Story and photography by Ryan Lee Price There are many ways to tell if you need to replace the shocks on your car or truck. They wear out over time and the older they get the higher the likelihood of them failing completely. If your car has excessive bouncing, nose dives into stops, pitches into turns...
  • Blog Post: Why Is America Holding Out on the Metric System?

    By Ryan Lee Price We measure tire pressure in pounds per square inch, engine displacement on modern cars in liters, while gas comes in gallons. Speedometers show both miles per hour and kilometers per hour, and the majority of U.S.-made vehicles contain a hodge-podge of bolts with varying specs , both...
  • Blog Post: How to Recognize Metric and SAE Bolts

    Story and Photography by Ryan Lee Price Since Ford ’s introduction of the Pinto engine in the ’70s and Cadillac’s badging of the 1970 Eldorado as an 8.2L engine, the use of the metric system has become more prevalent in domestic vehicles, and odds are good that the majority of those...