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  • Forum Reply: RE: 1997 Ford Expedition

    Hi there. I’d pull the heads, manifolds and oil pan. All kinds of stuff could have entered with the flood water. Running it could (if it hasn’t already) cause severe damage through bearing (main, rod, camshaft) and cylinder scoring. Was the powertrain control module under water? The codes...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Don't know what's wrong with my car

    Hi Sierra. Have the LeSabre's front and rear suspension checked for loose or worn suspension components for your clunking noise. Check the tires for uneven wear, balance and alignment. There is a technical service bulletin (TSB) that might apply. It is called "Info on popping or thunk noise...
  • Forum Thread: 1997 Ford Expedition

    I had a flood in my neighborhood about a month ago and had water up to my hood, I was able to drive it into my driveway and dry it out. I also changed the oil, starter, and pulled the plugs and sprayed all the water out since. Engine running very rough. Gets worse the longer I drive it. Tries to...