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  • Forum Thread: how to clean egr vavle for 1995 Cadillac eldarado

    cleaned throttle body but still runs rough at stop lights driving runs good how do I clean egr vavle and removel
  • Forum Reply: RE: 2005 Chrysler 300C 5.7L Hemi Brake Light problem

    Hi there! There are two diagrams relating to the stop lamp inhibit relay in ChiltonDIY, to view them in your subscription, follow this path from the navigation outline: Wiring < Lighting < Exterior Lights < Rear Lighting If you haven't already, subscribe to the information for the...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Don't know what's wrong with my car

    Hi Sierra. Have the LeSabre's front and rear suspension checked for loose or worn suspension components for your clunking noise. Check the tires for uneven wear, balance and alignment. There is a technical service bulletin (TSB) that might apply. It is called "Info on popping or thunk noise...
  • Forum Thread: 1996 Chevy IROC Radiator Pressure & over heating issue

    I just bought a 1986 Chevy Camaro Iroc and when I take the radiator cap off cold and start the car, it runs perfect, but after a while it starts gushing hot water out the radiator cap hole! Need help as I have leukemia and very limited on funds, so don't want to waste money! Help would be GREATLY...
  • Forum Reply: RE: 1993 liclon towncar

    Hi there. Ford's keyless entry module for the 1993 Lincoln Town Car is accessed through the glove box. Ford recommends following these steps to remove the module: 1. Drop the glove compartment door. 2. Remove the nut on the module bracket assembly. 3. Remove the bracket assembly from the...