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Help please

  • anyways I was driving my wife's van 1999 Plymouth voyager 2.4 L DOHC and I one day while driving I noticed I lost power my van goes 10 mile mph . If I try and go even faster the engine wants to go and shifts gears but we don't move and really wants to go fast. Can any body please give me some idea's so I can fix it.

           Thank you

  • Hi Johnny.

    If your Chrysler transmission is having problems shifting, it may be the transmission. The transmission control module (TCM) will  automatically default into limp mode or "fail safe" mode. The transmission defaults to second gear, which is why your car feels sluggish and the rpms are higher than normal.

    Check and inspect the transmission fluid.

    Scan your Voyager for transmission fault codes.

    Faulty vehicle speed sensors and harness connections can also cause problems.