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Are 06 Toyota Matrix known for a short clutch life?

  • Ive had this car for 5 years. A year ago the clutch started slipping. Ok  time for a new clutch. So I had one installed where I bought the car. 30,000 miles later its slipping again. Now I had mentioned the first ride that it did not feel right. May be because it was new idk. Not much was mentioned. Here I am again and all they are telling me is it needs a new clutch. Is this real!? What is there's to be fine because it didn't seem right especially since I paid over $1000 for them to fix it last year.

  • Sorry to hear that! You can look up your vehicle's make/model at There you can browse the table of contents before purchasing the online manual to see what is covered. Just click on the plus signs to reveal the subheadings. Subscribe to view, print, and save from the repair procedures, specifications, technical service bulletins, diagnostics, maintenance intervals and more.

    In your ChiltonDIY subscription follow this PATH: Transmission, Clutch, & Transfer Case > Clutch > Clutch System > Problem Symptoms Table (2006 Matrix From 07/2005) for the symptom "Clutch slips."

    Unfortunately the clutch work you had last year may be out of warranty! If the clutch lasted the same mileage as before I would say it could be driving habits. But if the life on the replacement clutch was a good deal less, something was wrong! Start with quality parts, such as NEW pressure plate/throw out bearing/clutch disc. The flywheel should have been checked/resurfaced or replaced. All parts should have been oil free and carefully torqued to specification. Finally, the clutch pedal should have been checked for free-play adjustment. This is critical to the life of the clutch!