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Dodge Durango HEMI coil packs

  • Hello, My name is Steve and I am new here.  I have the Chilton manual for my make and model year (2005 5.7L Dodge durango 4x4) but the info appears to be incorrect and I would like to ask for some clarification.  My check engine light indicated a misfire in cylinder 1, rough idle, etc.  Plugs and wires are good.  I pulled the coil pack and used a volt meter to test the connector leads.  The readings I receive are different then the manual so i checked 2 more coil packs and they read the same.  I did not check all 8 but 3 of the 8 coil packs read the same.  I find it hard to believe 3 coil packs are failing at the same time.  My coil packs look different then the book shows.  The book shows a coil with 2 boots, mine has one boot and the second spark plug receives signal from a coil across the motor. 

    The book lists a value for the coil packs between .53 and .65 ohms.  My different looking coil packs produce a value of 1.2 ohms.

    Can someone confirm the value on the 2005 hemi 5.7L coil packs?  Is 1.2 ohms a fail reading?

  • Chilton doesn't publish a manual for the 2005 Durango. The manual will have the publisher's name printed on it and their contact information.

    Chilton does provide the 2005 Dodge Durango repair manual online at

    Once you subscribe, use the navigation tree to follow this PATH:  Engine Electrical > Distributorless Ignition System > Ignition Coil > Testing.

    Ignition wires? If the ignition system checks out, look at the fuel trim. Is the MAF dirty or oil covered?