Technician Talk

1997 Ford Expedition

  • I had a flood in my neighborhood about a month ago and had water up to my hood, I was able to drive it into my driveway and dry it out. I also changed the oil, starter, and pulled the plugs and sprayed all the water out since. 

    Engine running very rough.
    Gets worse the longer I drive it.
    Tries to stall.
    Check Engine Light begins to flash.

    Battery Tested Good
    Alternator Tested Good
    Replaced Starter
    Changed Oil with Mobil 1 5w30 and a qt of Lucas Oil Stabilizer
    Replaced Spark Plugs with OE Motorcraft
    Tested all 8 ignition CoP's (All Good)
    added half bottle of Seafoam to intake and half bottle in Gas Tank (When Added to throttle body, white smoke came from under engine instead of out exhaust pipe. Maybe valve cover gasket? Or Exhaust Manifold?)
    Replaced Air filter with K+N
    Ran Diagnostics, Cylinders 1-5 Misfires (Continuous)
    Replaced PCV Valve, grommet, and Elbow (Hole in Elbow)
    Inspected all Vacuum Lines for holes and cracks (None)
    Tested IAC Valve(Good)
    Tested TPS (Good)
    Sprayed starting fluid under hood while idling to check for intake/vacuum leaks (No increase in RPM)
    Replaced Fuel Filter
    Tested Fuel pressure (Within Spec)
    Stethoscoped Valve Cover for noisy lifters (none)
    Noise coming from front of engine when warmed up at idle

  • Hi there.

    I’d pull the heads, manifolds and oil pan. All kinds of stuff could have entered with the flood water. Running it could (if it hasn’t already) cause severe damage through bearing (main, rod, camshaft) and cylinder scoring. Was the powertrain control module under water? The codes and flashing light indicate a misfire. Recheck the spark plugs and switch the ignition coils to see if the cylinder misfire location changes. Check for fuel and spark to the cylinders in question. If everything is okay, perform a compression test and check the engine's base timing marks.