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  • Forum Reply: RE: Ticking sound

    Sorry to hear that! You can look up your vehicle's make/model at There you can browse the table of contents before purchasing the online manual. Click or tap the plus signs to reveal the subheadings. Subscribe to view, print, and save from the repair procedures, specifications...
  • Forum Reply: RE: 03 ford explorer xlt 4.0 - from Eric

    Hi Eric. Scan your vehicle's computer for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), this might help you pin down the problem. If there are no DTCs related to the symptoms, check out the section "What to do when there are no DTCs" for troubleshooting charts and checks. Use the navigation tree...
  • Forum Thread: 2002 chev s10 2200 - stalls

    i have 2002 chev s10 2200 i drove over 100 miles after vehicle has set for several months then truck would just stop then 5 or 6 seconds it would start right up these stalls have become more frequent i have put fresh fuel plus new cap and fuel filter Question from ChiltonDIY blog at: