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Wow, what a severe disappointment!

  • I could not be more shocked at what this company has become. I subscribed for a year dealing with a 1963 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. What I received for my money (nearly 30 bucks) was only a little less than nothing. I needed to see some views of how the transmission was bolted to the engine and cross-member, I got instead 10 lines of general text for transmission removal. Not one diagram. Needed a wiring schematic for the car... No dice. View of suspension components? Two pictures, one drawing of side view of front and then one of the rear showing one half of the differential. Many of the adjustments that were shown are for the wrong years of Oldsmobile and were of no help. I could go on.

    If this was all the info you could piece together for this vehicle then give a warning and by all means lower the price!

    I'm betting this company at one time had one of the most complete repair manuals in existence for these vehicles in their day. What happened? Scanner break down? You all need another 30 bucks for the rest of the manual?  And the coolest part, NO REFUND. I understand why of course I may have downloaded the entire contents of my purchase and then cheat you by getting my money back. Two things on that topic.

    1.) Download and keep what, a few kilobytes of nothing?

    2.) I can promise you I wouldn't steal from you and you sure  ShamWOWed me.


  • Ken, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will contact you via email.

  • Thank you for the explanation and your time.

  • You're welcome.