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My vehicle runs fine until it reaches temperature then sputters out and stalls

  • I have a 2002 mercury mountaineer v6 4.0,it runs fine when I first start it but after it reaches proper temperature it sputters out and dies then I have to wait 5-10 min before it will start again and its not overheating?

  • Sorry to hear that! You can look up your vehicle's make/model at .

    There you can browse the table of contents before purchasing the online manual to see what is covered. Just click on the plus signs to reveal the subheadings. Subscribe to view, print, and save from the removal and installation procedures, fuel specifications, technical service bulletins, diagnostics, torque specifications, and more.

    Ford has had some idle air control (IAC) valve problems and usually they don't set the check engine light. A faulty IAC can cause hard starting, stalling, and lack of power. To be sure, scan the vehicle for related diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). You may also have to check your vehicle's fuel pressure. Low fuel pressure could cause the same problems.