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schematics/electrical '96 coupe devill, ????

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And, there are none.  So I just purchased my online manual and the only schematics are of the power train components but that is not why  I purchased a years worth of one manual.  I figured I only have this one '96 devill to work on and as I have never worked on one before and most likely will never see one again then the one year discounted price of $26 would be worth it.  BUT, there are no diagrams :-[

So, as I was pursuing for them I ran across an instructional vid and it shows the guy with a book and it is opened up to a electrical schematic and he has his cute little multimeter out and HE is getting his work accomplished; or so it would seem.  So, like a happy dog off I ran looking for the bone.

So, after two hours of clicking here and there I find myself perplexed as I remember when ALL the fixityourself books had these precious little diagrams in them but E-books don't?

Maybe I missed it?  So, I went to contact us and that I figured out was a bust so I found the forums, Hal-a-f'n-lew-ya...maybe some body here can tell me!

PROBLEM:  I have a parasitic drain on a new battery.  So, I hooked up my multimeter in-between the negative side and the negative lead of the battery.  I found out I have three maxifuses bleeding the battery at 7.48V between them and at a flow of about almost 38A.

The first two fuses are body fuses,K and they are most of the drain....(actually I think I have 5 drains)….BUT in order to find what electrical component/s is/are in line and on that circuit I need a wiring schematic :(

Look guys you have a good product and I am not flaming any one as I have purchased one E-manual before so I know the rules.  The rule is if I copy all the tech then it majikly disappears when the contracted time is up, and yes I tried it and was left with just advertisements in each copied doc; I know funny right?

Oh, and this is a very pristine's like they started having these/this problem could not get it fixed and decided to shed the vehicle. The only reason I have it to work on is the guy who owned it died and it was gifted to my friend....Which when I think about it is really funny because the dead guy must not have liked him very much because I know I am very perplexed; or maybe it went to the guy he knew could fix it, idk?

So?  Can someone point out to me where the wiring schematics are?


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  • Hi Michael,

    Please send an e-mail to      We will do some research to see what we can send on the charging system.

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  • Well I see my question will not get answered and I say this because I have cruised around and found at least three other people wondering why there are no electrical schematics; one of them from 2017 and they have not received an answer.

    I have tried clicking on the "Professional" link to see if it was there but my browser casts a warning that it is not secure so I just did it off the bottom of the page and now I am wondering if I have to pay more?  But, with no one reading these pages as in NO forum monitor and cengage charging for some kind of service that is does not provide I have found myself on the "Terms of Use" page.

    CENGAGE use of Disclaimer of Warranties is very weak and ineffectual of shielding it from a implied warranty suit.  I expected a full chilton manual just like they used to be printed in paper form which would include a wiring schematic.  CENGAGE has no statement of warranty that it is not included in the DIY purchase and that makes it theft by deception.  This means you have deceived me and a few other people in order for profit in a service that was never intended to be a complete rendition of a chilton repair book; even an E-book.  You should have put that in a heading some where and NOT left it for me to find out on my own while CENGAGE hides behind a "NO REFUND" policy.

    I don't care Who owns this rag now E-book or not but whom ever own's it is a THEIF!

  • Hi Michael,

    Please send an e-mail to      We will do some research to see what we can send on the charging system.