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2000 dodge Durango losing power

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What would make my 2000 dodge Durango start losing power while driving down the highway? It starts chugging and then stalls. But can start right back up. And also seems to be not shifting into all gears. It is a 5.9. Please help me figure this out. I am stranded right now due to this.

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  • Not sure if will  help but ive recently had the same issue with my 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8L. It was pulling a code P0302 misfire cylinder 2 after lots of checking the only fault i could find was a bad fuel injector.  No problems since.

  • Check all the basics.
    Tune up parts.
    Scan for DTC codes.
    Test the fuel pressure.
    Check the mass airflow and idle air control sensors for proper operation has the specifications, diagnosis, testing, inspection and procedures.

    Here are some of the paths to the information for your Durango:

    PATH:  Diagnostics>Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    PATH:  Engine Electrical>Ignition System>Spark Plugs & Wires>Spark Plugs>Inspection & Gapping
    PATH:  Engine Electrical>Ignition System>Spark Plugs & Wires>Spark Plug Wires>Testing
    PATH:  Engine Electrical>Distributor Ignition System>Diagnosis & Testing>System Inspection
    PATH:  Fuel System>Fuel Pump>Testing
    PATH:  Engine Performance & Emission Controls>Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor>Testing
    PATH:  Engine Performance & Emission Controls>Idle Air Control Motor>Component Testing

  • idk, but check your pcm...power control module.

    I am currently hauling my butt around in a '97 exsploder and then after a while it gets like a rodeo nag and starts bucking.  And, the smell of gas and unburnt fuel is atrocious.

    So I changed the crank sensor and nuffin.  Then I found out (after I heard it,) that my fuel tank ventilation was not ventilating BUT that was not I searched and what I came up with is...

    The crank sensor is wired right into the PCM.  The PCM gets the/a signal from all the sensors and then designates the proper spark advance so the engine can run smoothly for the conditions it is under.  All the jyppos...meaning people like me....were talking about-"Just run down to your local junk yard and get a pcm and keep changing them till you find one that works."  needless to say I still have not been to a junk yard for this.

    They say the tachometer will drop out if the PCM is faulty but for me that has never happened but my speedometer does drop out....which is indicative of a faulty PCM.

    So hope that helps any one who is experiencing the chugg-a-chugga.  Oh and I only use my x-ploder for beer runs, hay runs and firewood I am close to home and this does not allow the PCM to heat up and fault.