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Ticking sound

  • I got a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport and when I'm driving and I have my foot on the accelerator I hear a ticking sound. It goes away if I take my foot off the gas. It doesn't do it in park when I rev it up it only does it when it's in drive and foot on the gas. It also seems to have started having a rough idle and the other night when I was checking my plug wires it made a very loud humming sound and died, it took 3 tries to start it back up.

  • Sorry to hear that! You can look up your vehicle's make/model at There you can browse the table of contents before purchasing the online manual. Click or tap the plus signs to reveal the subheadings. Subscribe to view, print, and save from the repair procedures, specifications, technical service bulletins, diagnostics, maintenance intervals and more.

    You may have more than one issue. Check the technical service bulletins in your ChiltonDIY subscription. Try these three searches by symptom one at a time for three bulletins that may apply. Symptom 1: Engine internal noise on acceleration or deceleration, Symptom 2: Engine stalls, Symptom 3: Exhaust system backfire, noise or rattle. Rule out these three bulletins. Scanning the vehicle for diagnostic trouble codes will provide information about faltering and/or failing components/systems, if any codes have been set.

  • is it a 4.0? These engines are known for timing chain rattles