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Which antifreeze should I use?

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having trusted the label claiming to be compatible with all makes / years / ,models car and all color antifreeze , i used the green 5 yr 50000 mile stuff and after a couple years have no clue what i used when nor the percentage of which is in the cars.91 lumina 3.1 and 3100 1994 beretta , which should i use ? the green silicate as was original fill or the Prestone 5/ 500000 green one that claims compatibility? I must do a dilution and chemical flush as on one car a regular backflush is extremely difficult after i chemical flush and dilute as far as possible , which coolant should i use ? Please set me on the right path .

This question is from Mike, who wrote on Chilton's DIYblog:

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  • Mike check this read out, (  The article covers most  of what you are asking, It is well worth the time to review.

  • I am sorry Mike, I am a little green no pun intended when it comes to joining in on a forum. I did not at first realize that you had come from the sister sites article. Which as I see it now is a clone of the article I referred you to. Yay new Star Wars is coming this fall. I can't wait. Ok back to the question I would follow what the article says in paragraph 11 Can You Mix Antifreeze Technologies? It is best to use the same type of coolant originally used in your car or truck, or the vehicle manufacturer's current recommendations. According to industry experts, if you do not know what coolant is in the vehicle and you top off with another brand, nothing bad is going to happen. Only when dilution rates border 50% is the effectiveness of each coolant's inhibitor package compromised. However, when mixing coolants, the recommended coolant change interval will degrade to that of the shorter-life coolant