Driver’s Co-Pilot

Can you recommend a car?

  • We are looking for a replacement within the next year or so for my daughter's 11-year old Ford Escort. It did not qualify for the CARS program (its MPG is too high), it still runs OK with about 100k miles on the odometer, and it doesn't use oil excessively. The body has a few parking lot bashes and the interior is worn. Her budget is modest at under $20k. She wants a fun, stylish, fuel-efficient replacement that is more unique than her current ride. Can you recommend a car?

  • What part of the country does she live in? City or rural?

  • City driving; moderate CA climate.

  • I'd suggest a Honda Fit. The Sport model can be had for well under $20k, has a lot of room inside, is fun to drive, and can get up to 40mpg if you don't beat on it. 

    We have one, compared it against the Ford Focus and a few others, but the Fit seemed like the best value. 

  • We have a Dodge Avenger. We love it , it's sporty and gets great gas mileage....