By Gene Hannon Jr.
Some dashlights, such as on some Infinitis, have CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) bulbs, which need to be carefully replaced and soldered.
If you determine a CCFL bulb needs replacement, look for a qualified electronics shop. Some specialty radio/detail shops replace this type of bulb for customers who want to upgrade the color and brightness.
Most dashboard lights are just normal-type instrument panel bulbs that twist in; they can be upgraded to LED's. But there are some bulbs which some car manufacturers say not to replace. True or untrue? They want to sell you a new instrument panel assembly, sometimes called the instrument panel or instrument cluster.
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 Gene Hannon, Jr., ASE Master Technician lives in Maryland with his wife Paula; they have 3 girls, Jocelyn, Sarah and Carly. Gene began working with cars when he was 13 at his father’s (Gene Sr.) ESSO service center where he cleaned equipment and tools, scrubbed out the repair bays, and pumped gas. By age 16 he was turning wrenches and receiving technical training. He worked at the ESSO (later Exxon) station for 29 years, before partnering with his father and brother in opening Avalon Automotive, an 8-bay repair center, where he worked for more than 10 years. Gene joined the Chilton Team in 2006.