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If you're like me you're constantly editing and saving files to your computer - and y...





Date: 13 Mar, 17 In: Digital Discussions / By: michael_britt
When learning to use new technology products, we often need assistance to get started...





Date: 8 Mar, 17 In: Neuro Transmission Podcast / By: alexis_orzal
Episode 1, Part 1   In part one of this episode of The Neuro Transmission, we ex...
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April the Giraffe is still pregnant-- and why we care

April the Giraffe is still pregnant. Today's update on her progress garnered over 41,000 likes and nearly 3,000 shares.  People are watching and waiting on April.  Millions of people have been watching her live feed...

Date: In: Let's Talk About Teaching Psychology / By: KatStell

Trump’s New Immigration Ban- the role of Fear, Memory and the Brain

This article by Jenny Anderson, "The psychology of why 94 deaths from terrorism are scarier than 301,797 deaths from guns" explains American’s support of Trump’s order based on the availability bias. Their fear of “terro...

Date: In: Let's Talk About Teaching Psychology / By: Stacy_Holliday

Friendship and Your Brain

While many of us have non-traditional students within our population, the majority of the students we work with today, especially true for my colleagues from 4-year institutions, are young adults, often away from home for the...

Date: In: Let's Talk About Teaching Psychology / By: Stacy_Holliday

4th Annual Computing Experience - Long Beach: Presentation PPTs and Collateral

  Thanks for those that attended the 4th Annual Computing Experience!   We heard from the savvy and spirited Corinne Hoisington as well as many other excellent presenters. See below for copies of their pr...

Date: In: General Computing Forum / By: JeffT

Welcome to the Accounting Community!

Hello! We see you've found our Accounting faculty community and we're so glad you're here. Take a minute to introduce yourself to your colleagues. Please share: Your name Where you teach A fun fact about yourself or a c...

Date: In: Let's Talk About Teaching Accounting! / By: HillaryJohns

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New Solutions

Guided Pathways: Viable Option or Terrible Idea?

WHAT IS THE GUIDED PATHWAYS MODEL? Recently during a conference call, a faculty member shared that their instiution was in the process of moving toward the Guided Pathways Model. In addition to the above link, there are ...

Date: In: Community Feedback / By: Eumatthe

How to introduce students to MindTap?

Does anyone have a video I can show my students on the first day of class?  Just to get them going quickly?

Date: In: Let's Talk About MindTap! / By: michael_britt

Hello Faculty Partners and EWA Users!

I am an Associate Professor of environmental engineering technology and mathematics at Ohio University-Chillicothe, where I have been teaching since 1994.I use Enhanced WebAssign in conjunction with self-made, online videos a...

Date: In: Meet & Greet / By: mike_lafreniere

Hello to my fellow Faculty Partners

Hi everyone! I am Joey Bryant from Forsyth Technical Community College in North Carolina. I am the Program Coordinator for Healthcare Business Informatics in the Thomas H. Davis iTEC Center. Wow - that is a mouthful every tim...

Date: In: Meet & Greet / By: Joey_Bryant

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