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One of the toughest topics right now in Criminal Justice is the conversation of polic...
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Date: 3 Nov, 17 In: Computing Instructor Forum / By: michael_britt
VR tools for learning muscles? You got it.  This same .99 cent app covers all th...
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Date: 23 Oct, 17 In: Psychology Instructor Forum / By: david_webb
With Halloween just around the corner, it would be a great time to introduce your stu...
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Date: 29 Mar, 17 In: How to Log Into the Community / By: michael_britt1
  No time for a video! Just give me the steps! Click the Sign In link at the t...




Apple recently (Sep 12 2017) announced its new line of phones. The new iPhone X ("ten...

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Since the first apps were created in 2008, there have been more than 2 million apps c...
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This Situation Really Calls for a Psychologist

Here's a major design fail in my life. Below is a video of the climate control system in my car:   My car   If I understand this correctly, when the light on the Off button is on, then the car's climate control syst...

Date: In: Psychology Instructor Forum / By: michael_britt

Darwin and Psychology

Asking students to consider Charles Darwin's contributions to psychology is a great way of introducing them to the field of evolutionary psychology.   A good way of doing this as part of a class activity or student assig...

Date: In: Psychology Instructor Forum / By: david_webb

Anthropomorphizing (Student Activity)

Here's a great way to get your students thinking about anthropomorphizing i.e. the psychological tendency to attribute human-like characteristics, particularly emotions and internal states to nonhuman things.   Instructi...

Date: In: Psychology Instructor Forum / By: david_webb

New Edition of Security+: Bundle Options

Hi Everyone!   For those of you who attended Mark Ciampa's webinar on the new Security+ exam, there were a lot of questions around bundle options. Sorry for the wait, but here are some of the bundle ISBNs that we talked ...

Date: In: Computing Instructor Forum / By: CassieC

The Nonpartisian Instructor

Hello, Recently I took my teenager to hear a speaker that she admired and respected.  As he began to talk about politics, and this was not supposed to be a political talk, he said something that ruined his cred...

Date: In: American Government Instructor Forum / By: SherriSinger

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