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Date: 13 Oct, 17 In: Psychology Instructor Forum / By: david_webb
Will you be watching Mindhunter? The latest in a long line of TV shows and films to f...
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Date: 17 Oct, 17 In: Our October Meeting / By: michael_britt
The Empowered Educator Power Week is a special virtual event offering one session per...
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One of the toughest topics right now in Criminal Justice is the conversation of polic...
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Date: 29 Mar, 17 In: How to Log Into the Community / By: michael_britt1
  No time for a video! Just give me the steps! Click the Sign In link at the t...




Apple recently (Sep 12 2017) announced its new line of phones. The new iPhone X ("ten...


Date: 15 Oct, 17 In: The Cengage Psychology Blog / By: david_webb
Mention the word psychopath and I think it's fair to say that most people think of de...
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This is a forum post. Welcome!

Welcome to the College Success Forum. Thank you for helping us construct this section of our new Community.

Date: In: College Success Forum (Beta) / By: allison_jones

5 ideas to increase student engagement with smartphones

Ready to use smartphones as a learning tool?  Start with one of these 5 ideas to easily introduce mobile learning into your course.        Tell us: which one will you try?  Or, how do you a...

Date: In: Our October Meeting / By: Courtney_DoyleChambers

Engaging a new era of students

Since introducing digital in her class, Shawn Orr has found many tools and activities that use technology to drive engagement and improve student performance for 21st century learners.  Here are some of her favorites: &n...

Date: In: Our October Meeting / By: Courtney_DoyleChambers

Bootcamps Refund Your Tuition?

Hi all! Long time, no post! My goodness, it's been a busy Fall. I hope everyone has had a great start to the semester and is now in the swing of things!   I found this interesting article and I wanted to share it because...

Date: In: Computing Instructor Forum / By: CassieC

Math & Stats Education Journals

Looking for some of you to list your top 3-5 math and stats education journals you consider when seeking new information about pedagogy and research in mathematics and statistics education.  Here's my attempt at this (as...

Date: In: Using WebAssign In Your Math & Stats Classes / By: mike_lafreniere

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